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Tomi Favored¬† – is a singer, a BMI songwriter, musician, and growing producer with 6 released albums titled “I am Tomi Favored”, ” YHWH”, “Jesus Christ in Everything”, “Jesus in my Words (a spoken word album and musical album)”, “Trusting Jesus “, and “Accompaniment (Soundtrack album)” . Currently credited with 70+ (and increasing) personal copy-written and registered songs, collaborations with various artist, international commercial and voice overs to background vocal work on secular projects, music is an integral part of her work…

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I am desperate for worship of Jesus

  I heard this worship song on YouTube a little while ago and it is so heavy and beautiful. It captures my state of mind, state of heart and state of Spirit which is why it is appropriate for me to share it here. I am desperate. This is where my heart is… So hungry

Mustard seeds to big trees…

So listen…I understand this may NOT really be a BIG deal for some people but for ME, it is, and I just HAVE to say I’m grateful to Jesus for consistently making my life one that is “a foolish thing He uses to confound the wise” so to speak. ? I always say I only

Tomi Favored’s JEHOVAH video out now!

Tomi Favored’s original song and first music video release: JEHOVAH. A song about our God who remains the same. Join the singer, songwriter as she proclaims Christ the King; Jehovah who deserves all praise. Several have said “We’ve heard that voice but aren’t familiar with the face.” Well, here’s a dose of the passionate worshiper

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