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Jesus in my Thoughts

In the current millennial generation where intellectual arrogance presumes faith in God to be optional, singer/songwriter Tomi Favored expresses thoughts she’s meditated on, and unapologetically declares Jesus as God in them all. In line with her third album release titled “Jesus Christ in Everything”, the artist contemplates a variety of topics ranging from relationships to theology and presents Christ as the focal point. A sounding alarm of reason and persuasion, the lyrical voice of the author urges the reader to proverbially sign their lives over as they meditate on the unavoidable reality of God.

50 thoughts alongside 25 chosen song lyrics in a little over 200 pages and by the time the reader is done, the expectation is that there will be a firmer understanding of Jesus… perhaps He will even be in the reader’s thoughts as intricately as He is in the mind of the author.

Living to Die:
Our Future of Being Born into Eternity

A non-fiction book about the Christian’s hope in death. As some have said, death has a hundred percent success rate thus far. Everyone who ever lived has died at some point. This morbid and unpredictable reality can be scary if we have no understanding of what comes after it. It can seem like an impending “period” to the vastness and depth of our human existence. But is it really an end? To the Christian, whose life has been entrusted into the hands of the only person who ever overcame death intentionally: Jesus Christ, death is merely a “comma.” Death is birth into eternity!

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