I heard this worship song on YouTube a little while ago and it is so heavy and beautiful. It captures my state of mind, state of heart and state of Spirit which is why it is appropriate for me to share it here.

I am desperate.
This is where my heart is…
So hungry still… the few glimpses here and there and inadequate.
There is more; so much more.
The still moments, the quiet places…
Uninterrupted flow…

In a room full of spirits yet as one ☝? if we could worship the Father. And not just the Father but the Son. And not Just the Son but the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit who Himself loves us so deeply which is why we can grieve Him at all…

“You can’t grieve someone who doesn’t love you” – Chuck Missler.

I am desperate for the quiet places.
Where no name or reputation is relevant.
I’m hungry…again and again for a peace that comes in my place of worship after the utter devastation of my flesh on the purifying fires of His presence!

I need God! We need Him!! We need more and there IS more!!!

Desperate people.
Coalescing worship..
Passion in its purest form: …Contrition.

Oh Lord that I may become more undoubtedly aware of Your presence and be captured by Your unrelenting Spirit. Holy Spirit by which I am sealed.

Like a special needs child with an incurable malady of uncontrollable movements, I keep flailing out of hand day to day.
But your precious grace, and unceasing, jealous love for me, are the only remedies with which I am calmed when you enfold me in your arms. Your arms which remind me of your palms wherein I am engraved.

Please give me the grace, (though miserably I try to express adoration for you), to reciprocate your affections with true worship.

I am desperate for more of you Jesus.
You are all there is and ever will be…