Dear music minister who feels you are not where you should be: You’re right.

Yes…you should be farther ahead than where you are but you’re not. You feel like your destiny is moving slowly and it’s taking forever for some doors to open to you. I’m SO glad you noticed. It’s true.

In other words, you are NOT READY.

Let me tell you something I strongly believe:

By the way, the elevation i speak of is not necessarily fame or fortune. It’s not necessarily popularity and stardom…because it’s not about you. It’s about God. And God will only support who and what will glorify His name. So the elevation i speak of, is God knowing His name will be glorified in your name. And when you’ve been faithful; He’ll expose you and your name to greater platforms or expose you to more people who can also learn how to glorify His name. From you. Because you’ve learned. And your lifestyle can teach others without reproach.

I choose to talk about this because God is showing me HUGE PLANKS in my own eyes before letting me comment on the speck in yours. And boy, am i dealing with some serious planks right now…

But about the speck in yours…

Let’s be real…some of you STILL have sex outside of marriage. You know yourselves and those with whom you’ve fornicated. Then you still haven’t repented/changed your ways. And for those of you who are actually married but are still sleeping around…yeah, you know yourselves too. It’s called adultery. Yeah, one of the big 10.
How exactly do you expect God to elevate you?! I’m sorry but last time i checked, God has not changed His mind about His standards and given us a new bible that says it’s ok to engage in the kind of rubbish He dislikes without consequences to your own destiny. And please search your OWN heart and be honest. Is what you’re doing right? I’m sure even your conscience judges you…

Some still get intoxicated and smoke weed. Oh snap, yeah i said it. You reek of it. Physically, emotionally and mentally cos you’re just not altogether there man! So tell me, how could you be a greater ambassador for Christ when even you don’t want to be in your right mind? Hence the drugs…

Some are selfish to the core. I mean seriously… Some of you are the most unappreciative users i’ve ever met and i wonder how exactly you expect God to bless you or elevate you more than a certain extent when He can’t trust you to show gratitude to Him or let those blessings flow THROUGH you to others?? You’ll find it hard being a blessing to others cos you only want to use them for your advantage…

Now it’s amazing that i’m talking about music ministers isn’t it? Yeah. That sucks. It shouldn’t be. But church IS a hospital. And some of people supposed to be spiritual nurses have caught some serious infections folks…

Ok, what about the “music ministers” with pride beyond comprehension. I mean your ego walks into the room 3 hours before your body gets there and everyone around you has to build bigger doors cos your head is too massive with your self adulation to fit through a regular-size door. I mean come on…what ever happened to humility fam? Have you forgotten that God is jealous about not sharing His glory or that He resists the proud? Keep waiting; and as long as you don’t change, don’t think God will recruit another Lucifer to His throne to worship. He abhors the very thing that is the first sin. It was what caused a third of His angels to be cast out of heaven. And you want to bring that mess into His presence? …yeah, we MUST be joking if we think we can fly with that.

Some still have filthy mouths and have not put blinds on your eyes against seeing what will defile your spirit… Yep. You watch TV MA shows like they’re G-rated, some still listen to secular music with all manner of perverse language and wonder why God has not put your voice on the radio to broadcast His name… Yeah, umm…i’d be scared you’d have a slip of tongue and disgrace me with your profanity. You’re too comfortable in the questionable. And you want to do it IN MY NAME??!! Nah, thanks.

Ok, what about you insincere ones? The liars, the backbiters?… Supposed ministers of God. Yet, you would tell the biggest lies; even in the name of Jesus too to curry favor to get something or get somewhere. To make matters worse, you’ll talk down other music ministers or artists just to get ahead. What have you proven in so-doing? You’re telling God, “oh please raise me up so i can trample on everyone around me, tell lies and ensure no one can rely on a single word out of my mouth about your gospel.
Now, you tell me…would YOU bless yourself?? No sweetie, God wants no strange fire here.

Next thing: irritability, anger, lack of self control. You get upset quickly and lash out at people? Physically even? Oh no, take a seat. For a WHILE cos you ain’t going nowhere. Or maybe you just hold it in and then develop un-forgiveness or malice, which then leads to hatred. How can clean water and dirty water flow from the same fountain? Seriously, ask yourself. Why should God entrust many souls to your audience or ministry when you are always minutes away from blowing up and ruining in one day with your attitude what God’s Spirit has been slowly building for years in those same people’s hearts?

What else? Umm some of you are ridiculous procrastinators, are indisciplined and just lack a good, responsible work ethic. You’re undependable. Then you ask why God won’t instruct His shepherd servants (pastors) to invite you or place you in a position of influence? Why should you be given more opportunities when your history shows a lack of commitment and unreliability with very little. Even a secular employer wouldn’t hire you after being appalled at such a resumé. So why should God?

One more example: Perhaps your issue is personal doubt, fear, worry, insecurity. This one hits home for me especially because it seems innocent and maybe even understandable. But it’s NOT! It’s a hot mess. If you’re so weak in your trust of God, why should He entrust His treasures to you? You’ll misrepresent Him! If you’re supposed to be the child of the King but you consistently act like a pauper and have no strength, how can you lead others and assure them of God’s strength to deliver them? Why should anyone you’re ministering to trust God when even you don’t? As evidenced by all of your emotional vacillation…

Ok…i’ve said a lot. So if you’re a music minister in any of these categories and you’re not seeing elevation or growth in your ministry the way you’d like, perhaps it is because YOU ARE NOT READY. Listen, again, this sWord is cutting me deeply too. God is ever ready but you haven’t proven to God that you are responsible enough to manage many things other than your continually spotted character; so in His mercy, He will keep you in the dark to actually cover you. He won’t expose you to the limelight and expose your many faults to the public. He’s letting you work it out in secret. And hopefully you’re working on it and letting God fix you. Because the longer you delay in getting right, the longer your stay in obscurity will be. Keep being UNfaithful in the little things and all you’re doing is proving to God that you’ll be just as unfaithful if He elevates you. So He won’t.

The ball is in your court because now you know.
You can’t say He never told you…since you just read the challenge.