Hi this Tomi Favored.
God bless you and thank you so much for reading. I hope to meet you personally someday if i haven’t already 🙂

The most important thing i need you to take away from my music is that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Here’s the story: Jesus is the Son of the only eternally living & gracious God who loved this world, and you reading this so much, that he allowed that Son to die on a cross on Calvary some time ago.
Why? Because you, me, humanity, we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory, the perfect nature of God who created and wanted us to be with Him.

We fell because of a sin nature inherent in each one of us from birth but which becomes all the more apparent as we age. Sin was introduced to us by the father of lies, the devil, a former angel who stood by the throne of God but who rebelled against God the almighty, the only Elohim who is and ever will be YHWH. Satan rebelled out of pride and wanted to exalt Himself above God. Foolishness; clearly. because Satan lost forever & was cast out. But he came to what God gave us his children as a heritage to have dominion over, this earth, deceived us, and then caused us to transgress against ourselves, our destiny, and our loving Father God who made us for His glorious presence.

Now because we sinned, the wages are death and to be separated from God forever. That was the just punishment. It wasn’t intended for us but for Satan, the evil one. Nevertheless, because we aligned ourselves with him in disobedience, it also became our portion.

Here’s the kicker however: God wouldn’t leave us destitute. As a just judge, He has to punish sin. But as a loving Father and Creator, His nature draws Him to have mercy. So how did He fulfill both of these things? He took it upon Himself.
Christ, the Lord, God Himself, literally came down to earth, put himself in your shoes, took on your identity, and endured the just punishment for your rebellion all the way to death. So that if you receive Him after He is risen from the dead to reign forever, He can attribute his righteousness to you. Not guilty!
Paid in full when you stand before heaven’s gate seeking entry!

It’s really that simple. Your sins have been paid for by Christ if you will accept Him.

So I’d like to pray with you.
Please pray with me by saying these words:

Dear Jesus, i believe You are the Son of God who died for me. I believe You love me and i realize the mess that i am without You. I am a sinner;
Lies, anger, pride, malice, fornication, lust, hatred, theft…; i’m guilty of all of these things and so much more in my heart; my only hope is You.
There is no one else but You that has fought to the death for me. I’m sorry for all my sins and i repent, turn away from them all right now by faith in you and i receive you into my life as my Lord and savior forever. Please forgive me, blot out all of my transgressions, past, present, and yet future, and write my name in Your book of life in Your name Jesus Christ i pray.

Yeah…it’s that simple. There’s nothing that can be added to or taken from the finished work of Christ on the cross. Heaven rejoices over you and all those who have come back to the Lord. It is finished as Christ said on the cross. Nothing can separate you from His love except your own flat out denial and rejection of Him which is plain idiocy if you do. So you won’t in Jesus name! lol.

Now before you go, i want to explain salvation to you. It is in 3 parts. Justification, Sanctification and Glorification. What just happened with this prayer is justification. You have been justified by the finished work of Christ on your behalf. You are no longer guilty. Your sins are paid for by Christ Jesus and you have been granted entry into God’s kingdom as a citizen because you received it.

Now begins sanctification: the process of you being cleansed and renewed daily into becoming more perfect like Christ the way you were originally meant to be.
You’ve been sinning for a while now so you did develop a sin nature. For instance, if you lied before this, you may still have the urge to do so and you’re not totally perfected but you must learn to be. You’re learning to walk the walk now that you’ve talked the talk; You may fall but the holy Spirit of God is there to help you. You must strive on this individualized race of life to become perfect as your heavenly Father God is perfect so you can inherit his kingdom.
You cannot continue in sin and tell grace to abound. God forbid. It is one thing to become a citizen of a country but not inherit its privileges and wealth because you do no work. So you gotta work! It’s like living in a hotel and being granted access as a resident but it is your faith with works that helps you earn an inheritance and rewards so you could actually inherit the hotel rather than just inhabit it. That is God’s kingdom. He wants you to be a joint heir; not just a sinners’-prayer-sayin’-saved-saint who’s still a pauper in nature…so that’s where your behavior matters.

Then there’s glorification. That is in the future. That’s when we’re taken out of this world, either through the harpazo, the rapture, or through death. Then we go into God’s presence never again to suffer the atmosphere of this fallen world.

So salvation includes Justification which is Deliverance from the penalty of sin by receiving Christ into your life.
Sanctification happens daily as you become more like Christ, eschew evil and seek God’s kingdom & nature. It is the daily deliverance from the power of sin by the holy spirit
And then glorification someday, which is your blessed hope of separation from the very presence of sin! Hallelujah!

Get a bible, or go find it if you’re like many who have it but don’t read it, lol and READ it, search it and God will reveal himself more to you. Trust God. Love him because he loves you immensely. He will help you. No matter the circumstances, talk to him frankly in what is known as prayer, and press on.

Then remember me, lol. Remember that you read this on my page and i, Tomi Favored, believe with you that you will live victoriously and be an overcomer in Jesus name! God bless you!

Tomi Favored.