There is more…
There is more…there just has to be. What we see cannot be all there is. It just can’t be. Not just in the world…in the church too. Let’s be honest, it can’t just be about having another church event, praise and worship to preaching to announcements to offering to benediction. There has to be more and any jadedness is not coming from God but us. I point no fingers at anyone; i strongly believe we are all doing what we can as believers but there is more we haven’t tapped into and that is why temporary times of refreshing end up becoming stale and even the best new wave in ministry ultimately runs out of power. There is more.

For someone like me, if i’m honest, there has to be more than a song…there has to be more than new singles, concerts, singing and even having people be moved by the voice or the sweetness of your ministering. There has to be more. There has to be deliverance, transformation, miracles without the theatrics, there has to be a tangible presence of God invited by my worship which changes lives in such a way that they can’t return to what once was.

God bless the names we know and follow who repeatedly come to events to minister…there have to be more out there who worship in truth and it’s not their being on posters, on billboard charts, or massive events that brings them attention. There has to be more humility…more hunger…more brokenness and less performance. There has to be more to the Word we hear preached on Sunday…it shouldn’t just motivate; it should be so poignant that my soul and spirit cannot do with anything less under any circumstances.

There has to be more to my news feed than rubbish, the occasional extraordinary video about something powerful that is forgotten within minutes. There has to be more than just wanting more views, more downloads, more members, more followers, more retweets, more…attention. There has to be more than better sound equipment, better multimedia, bigger sanctuaries… There has to be power, anointing, irrevocable change that even the world cannot deny. There has to be a glory so tangible in our presence and daily walk that seldom requires excessive or hyperactive expression because it IS that potent.

There is more… There is more glory, more strength, more healing than what we experience… There is more. There has to be more from me when i sing, when i worship, when i speak, when i minister, when i walk, when i attempt to help others to a place where i must have abided in for such a prolonged period of time that it is second nature to me…the presence of God. There has to be a level reached in God where certain things are completely and totally of null effect in testing, tempting, or even approaching me. There has to be a stage reached where my songs can be timeless, my messages ever-potent, my words unforgettable, my legacy unquestionable, my motives unmistakeable, my passion for God unquenchable.

There have to be more Daniels, more Elijahs, more Pauls than Judas disciples; more Deborahs and Esthers than Jezebels, and more Davids than Goliaths. There is more. In us, for us, around us, to us, with us… There is just more. There has to be. There has to be more than wonderful Sunday mornings and hectic irreverent Saturdays all in the same individual. There has to be more than praising the chastity of some while lusting after the promiscuity of others.
There has to be more than working 9 to 5 while earnestly seeking to love and serve God while watching nonchalant indulgence in ungodly society bask in incalculable wealth. There has to be more than even wanting wealth for comfort…there has to be more than wanting affluence for bragging or admiration.

We are doing well…but we can do better. God is doing some but He wants to do more. I don’t know how, what, where, when, or why this is the feeling but it is. And i believe there is more. There has to be more of a supply God can provide if we increase the demand. If God is God, and He is, ever-faithful and true, what there is now cannot be all there is. Our God should not be able to be denied, the recounts of His works should not be able to relegated to folklore or fairy tales while the negative supernatural is daily glorified in the secular. There is more. Favor should have more to it than getting a discounted sale price on something i want. There has to be more to grace than covering repetitious misbehavior in children of God who should no longer even be children of God but warriors of God.

I blame no one. I only say there is more. There has to be. And woe is me if i do not experience the more that there is. It’ll be a shame. It already is a shame because we no longer carry the power our Bible boasts so much of legitimately since we do not exhibit the greater there is in order to unmistakably supersede whatever else the world has to offer. ….

There is just more. Gospel artists shouldn’t want to go secular because there are better perks. The government shouldn’t be able to deny the vote of the Christ-believing church. Disasters should not be aided more by secular industry or secular appropriations than the people of God in collective bodies of action. Christianity should not be less appealing with the eternal liberty and life Christ offers than the empty and ultimately unfulfilling allures of sex, money, drugs, secularism, or whatever else there is.
Divorce should not be rampant in the house of God as it is in the house that is not of God. Yoga, pilates, and meditation should bot have more power to calm minds and spirits than prayer, worship and the Word of God. There is more. There is more…. There has to be more than professing christians quoting some scripture in one moment, sharing posts on social media about God, and then spewing bad language the next or being ok with less than tasteful posts soon thereafter. There has to be more…

Lord help my heart… I want more…i need more of You. I believe there is more and I yearn to experience it. There has to be more of You available to fill the colossal voids in us and our world. There have to be more of us seeking and yearning.