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About Me

Tomi Favored  Рis a singer, a BMI songwriter, musician, and growing producer with 8 albums released progressively from 2014 to present.

Currently credited with 100+ personal copy-written/registered songs, various artist collaborations from “Awamaridi” with Nathaniel Bassey and Tope Alabi, Passover (Tafi) with TY Bello, International Commercial and ad voiceover, to Third-party, background vocal work on projects like the movie “Sparkle”.

Outside of music and family, Tomi Favored is a public speaker, writer, and published author of two books available in paperback and e-book format from Amazon & kindle to Barnes & Noble & Kobo.

Her life’s desire is to draw souls to Jesus for salvation, and worship God unswervingly in Spirit and Truth with all she does.

Tomi Favored is a happy wife to dynamic saxophonist Seyi Alesh, and is also a grateful mother to 2 very vibrant toddlers.

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