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About Me

Tomi Favored  Рis a singer, a BMI songwriter, musician, and growing producer with 6 released albums. Currently credited with 70+ (and increasing) personal copy-written and registered songs, collaborations with various artist, international commercial and voice overs to background vocal work on secular projects, music is an integral part of her work.

She progressively releases singles, is passionate about Jesus Christ, and encourages others to utilize their gifts and talents uncompromisingly for the kingdom of God. You can find her active on social media from Facebook and Instagram to her blog on Weebly. Her music is available online on most platforms including Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Googleplay, SoundCloud, etc.

As a music minister, she attends Dominion Chapel in Houston with her family where she serves in the choir as one of the many worship leaders. Tomi Favored is a happy wife to dynamic saxophonist Seyi Alesh, and is also a grateful mother to 2 very vibrant toddlers: Isaac and Isabella Alesh.

Outside of music and family, Tomi is a writer and published author, speaker, and a licensed vocational nurse who works part-time, and is currently pursuing her baccalaureate degree in nursing. Her debut book titled “Jesus Christ in Everything” is the first of many yet to come. Her life’s desire is to draw souls to Jesus for salvation, and worship God unswervingly in Spirit and Truth with all she does.

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