So listen…I understand this may NOT really be a BIG deal for some people but for ME, it is, and I just HAVE to say I’m grateful to Jesus for consistently making my life one that is
“a foolish thing He uses to confound the wise” so to speak. ?
I always say I only have about 2 talents and know only 3 chords but I’ll use them like they’re 100 ? to glorify God who knows my desperate heart. This is me being grateful and faithful with the little.
Lord Jesus, may YOU always be glorified in me. Again, not a big deal to some, but to me MAJOR! Over 8,500 views and 300 plus likes on YouTube in 4 days. That’s why they’re giving me the option to monetize it. ?Thank you Jesus and Mr. Ololufe Seyi Alesh for making me do it regardless of how small it seemed… And thank you to every beautiful soul out there who has shared this for and with me on your platforms. I sincerely love and appreciate you guys.
The same way my first “I Am Tomi Favored” album got on Pandora (which can’t be paid for) despite my beginner production skills, so also I believe God will make all the little mustard seeds planted great trees to His glory. In Jesus name 🙂 ?? #emerge #keepbelieving #allaboutJesus #gratefulforthelittle #despisenotthesmallthings #itisnotmyvoice #itisHisanointingonit

What is that mustard seed you’re holding on to? Do you still have it because you think It won’t amount to anything?
Sow it.
Sow it in Jesus name.
Plant it by faith and watch God do remarkable things with it you could never have anticipated. It appears I’m gradually becoming a sample of that. Glory to God the almighty in Jesus name! Halleluiah!