Lately, i’ve been hearing this new slang word “Beast”. I’ve heard it even from the mouths of Christians and it is beginning to concern me.

I looked up the meaning and according to, “BEAST means “Person/thing that is good, awesome”

It seems in our contemporary society, slang words go and come; in our “trending” atmosphere, what’s cool can be titled “bad”, and it becomes acceptable because it’s considered”just” slang. My problem with this sentiment, however, is the fact that where slang has gotten us thus far, is confusion with good and bad things… (I mean when something is wonderful now, i’m not sure whether to say DOPE, COOL, BAD, FRESH, SWEET, etc anymore). The other problem is the fact that the average person’s grammar today is horrendous and the “dumbing down” of society has us expressing sentiments with slang rather than proper language. It appears that a substantial portion of my generation can’t spell, we have gross deficiencies in literacy, and social media outlets such as facebook show unabashedly how our vocal and literal expressions are based more on slang. We’re all guilty of it because we’ve accepted it. And whether or not we realize it, it is part of why customer service is lacking, why common sense is becoming uncommon, and why increasing numbers of people in this generation will struggle to get corporate and office jobs where exceptional literate and diction skills are a requisite.

Forgive me, i digress a bit.

So my inquiry revealed this BEAST word is an acceptable positive description for excellence. Why is that? I’m not saying it’s evil and anyone who uses it is bad, ignorant, is propagating evil or something…but i’m wondering: have my Christian family questioned why, if at all, we should use that word?

If we are Christian, and the Bible is a guide, in this day and age where we see the enemy blatantly flaunting his ways, his principles, and his own agenda in entertainment, education, and even politics, why do we so readily accept a noun to describe our positive attributes which in the bible mainly comes in the context of describing the very representative of Satan himself? BEAST…?

In the larger scheme of things, do we not see how slowly and playfully embracing these things as harmless is only opening us up to the day and time when the literal BEAST comes with his mark, & many will open-heartedly accept it as well?!

A few years ago, i had a dream. Call it fiction, but i took it as a different perspective on the “mark of the beast” I was privy to receive. In this dream, i saw a married couple in their living room arguing and bickering intensely. Finally the man walked away and the woman was left sitting and crying on the couch in front of the television. While she sat in sadness watching programs, a commercial came on which advertised something called the “BEAST corporation.”

The announcer, a very distinguished-looking and highly intelligent personality asked the viewer if they were going through distressing situations. As though the commercial was specifically designed for this woman, the gentleman asked if she was frustrated with the bickering in her home and if she was ready to make that “switch” to joining the “Beast corporation.” A decision which would change her life for the better, solve problems in her family, and also provide abundant advantages…

The lady was captivated; ready to try anything, the next scene i saw in my dream was of her convincing her husband to let them try this nationwide company. Next, i saw the couple in this extremely beautiful, and VERY classy establishment in a multimillion building facility. They were being directed by a distinguished, young man in impeccable clothing around this company; the company specialized in medicine, banking, science, technology, etc. These people seemed to be pioneering incredible things and their goal was to integrate themselves into society on a global scale. The couple, along with several others on the tour were wondering why in the world they hadn’t joined this corporation sooner! Aside from the perks, the financial stability, the technological advances they’d be privy to, this corporation seemed to be becoming the next government organization! (Please keep up with me, i know it sounds very scientifically fictitious but this was all in my dream…)

In one hall in the medical portion of this corporation, they were pioneering stem cell technology or nanotechnology of some sort where several amputees who had agreed to sign up with this BEAST corporation were asked to stand in capsules; within minutes of the machines being activated, their amputated limbs were completely restored! Shocking!

A host of other things were showed to this couple which i never really got to see or remember, but nearing the end of the tour, they both seemed excitedly convinced to become a part of this innovation. The husband was excited for the financial and status benefits. Then the tour guide, aware of the woman’s emotional reason for bringing her husband, turned his attention to the both of them and asked directly if they were ready to take the single most important step that would resolve all their marital problems. He spoke of how they’d never bicker and argue again, how all their financial needs would be met, and how they would become a lifetime part of this elite and exclusive corporation of people who are “BEAST”.

The couple happily accepted.

They were informed that they would both have to undergo a simple procedure which would help identify them as part of the “BEAST corporation” and provide access to all their benefits without external resources of any kind. It would only leave a small “mark”. (Stay with me, i’m almost done.)

As the active observer in this whole situation, i found myself yelling at them NOT to subscribe to this! I feared the irony of the whole situation & screamed at them how it wasn’t worth their souls, and how convinced i was that this was “the mark of the beast” spoken of in the book of revelation and how they should know better. But it was as if i didn’t exist; i was like a ghost…an unseen, unheard, passive observer in this scenario; without the ability to intervene.

Needless to say, they agreed and in the next scene, i saw the man on a chair in a very technologically captivating room. The chair was much like a dentist’s chair but much more advanced. He sat down and was asked to lean back with his head on the headrest. When he did, a seemingly self-directed robotic component of the chair (much like something you’d see in surgery), guided itself behind the man’s head with a long but very thin needle. It placed the needle behind his head as he reclined, and effortlessly moved into the man’s skull. It then seemed as though i had someone next to me who said “look”. And when i looked, i saw a large screen next to the chair showing where the robotic needle was and what it was about to do. It was a camera with 3-D, clear imagery & x-ray capabilities.

What it showed as it entered behind the man’s head was simple: Within the needle was a clipper and it went directly to a portion of the man’s brain labeled “choice/will” and snipped it completely.

In an instant, the procedure was done and the next scene was of the couple in their home again. Except this time, the house was very well decorated, the interior was exceptional and they appeared wealthier. They both sat down watching the television. No bickering, no fighting, nothing. Nothing in the sense that there was also no emotion, no joy, no feeling. Somehow i had this knowledge that they were financially rich, all their debts were settled, they were outwardly taken care of, but as they watched the television, the “BEAST corporation” programming came on again. However, this time, it was a tutorial, a welcome video, or directive communication not a commercial, telling the couple all their benefits. The sinister part of it however, was how the announcer was telling them everything they would do from that moment on for the rest of their lives, and how as part of the distinguished BEAST corporation, they would have no more worries and no more choice. I woke up feeling my sadness for those two; a deep sadness which was aware there was no going back for them.

I also got up puzzled and contemplating whether or not that “medical” procedure of obtaining the figurative “mark of the beast” was part of the reason the bible says in Revelation 14:9-11 that once the people received the “mark of the beast,” there was basically no turning back ever again for them…

Now, you’re entitled to your own interpretations of this, but i think if you open your mind to consider the potential ramifications of this scenario, and given knowledge of biblical prophecy (especially in the Revelation), you’ll understand that this is at least bothersome.

I know “beasts” are even described in the book of Daniel and they are even around God, but i invite you to reconsider our understanding of how we should describe our own selves… Not other members of creation whose purpose we’re not fully aware of and whose existence we can’t totally explain. I don’t think we should build a brand on what we don’t know well.

The gist of me telling you this dream in this context of discussing “BEAST, is that you consider how something evil can be stylistically introduced into the world around you and deemed acceptable. And once it has gained enough momentum, it can ultimately affect not only your acceptable perception of what could be unacceptable, but also steal away intelligent will.

I’ve thought of it and i just don’t feel comfortable describing things or even people with that term.