Hey there! πŸ™‚ A few thoughts came to mind recently about one of the people the Lord Jesus Christ healed and then sent off instructing not to tell others about the miracle. Many have pondered the “why” of Jesus’ instruction. And someday when i get to heaven, i’m definitely asking Jesus about that one. I’d like to know His reasons. Or un-reasons, lol. Anyway, re-reading one of those accounts again, for now i’d personally like to focus on what the person’s response should have been. I imagine they couldn’t keep it in! I mean, O-M-Jesus, i know what MY reaction would be! Lol.

This would be me: (loudly and perhaps obnoxiously, lol)
“Lord i really think that you’re funny. I know you’ve got jokes and all but come on, you KNOW me. You know i’m going to have a big mouth on this one. And i’m just going to tell the world about everything that you’ve just done for me. I have to express how amazingly you’ve blessed me! Besides, ummm…i know you KNOW this already dear Lord (so this must be a test) but umm: the miracle is not exactly a silent one Lord!! Lol.

I mean seriously, the Lord Jesus causes my blind eyes to see for example and then someone would expect me to shut up? No way Jose! No way Jesus actually πŸ™‚ That miracle is super loud! I can’t exactly keep quiet when i walk down the street and people see my once blind eyes staring at them with a ludicrous smile on my face from ecstatic joy! πŸ™‚

Anyway, i do think God has jokes. He’s the one person who does incredibly amazing things like restoring sight, redeeming souls, or blessing lives without always pushing for recognition; even though He is the ONE person who completely, absolutely, incomprehensibly deserves it for goodness sake! Lol.

Ok, just those random thoughts today. Just a disclaimer Lord (even though you know already), lol.: If and when you do more blessed, favored, wonderful things in my life, kindly expect my spiritual loud mouth to glorify your name! πŸ™‚