Meds, money, people, products, positions, etc. A LOT can be counterfeit.

A counterfeit is described by the dictionary as something “made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud” and considered “a fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery.”

Counterfeiting comes in various forms: Making false name brand products like Fendi, Versace, Vera Wang, Louis Vuitton, Prada. Dolce & Gabbana, etc for sale; printing counterfeit money, making fake art that could pass for the original, etc.

 I see the objective of counterfeiting being to make ridiculous profit off less-than-worthy product. In other words, using fewer resources, lower grade material, and smaller investment to acquire greater returns, a bigger paycheck, and basically more glory. Getting more for less, or nothing at all… All while defrauding someone somewhere somehow because they aren’t getting what they presume they are getting, or they are investing more than necessary into a lesser-valued substance.

Apart from material things, we deal with counterfeiting more on a daily basis than we often recognize. We are either the counterfeiters wearing facades, or the ones experiencing the counterfeiting by others who have become excellent at it. Passing off one thing for another, the world is loaded with false people, false things, false hearts, false perceptions, false promises, false teaching, false concepts, spearheaded by the father of lies himself, Satan. The devil whose expertise is in camouflaging truth. The enemy is such an expert counterfeiter that he’s not stupid enough to tempt us with totally false props. It’d be easy to see right through that. Rather, he manipulates truth; subtly, and often minimally creating something else that isn’t blatantly false but is so close to the truth, folks will fall for it. 

The best liar is the closest one to the truth. 

Counterfeiting also involves not disclosing potential consequences, side-effects, results of a thing unduly invested in. The one that buys the fake diamond for millions isn’t aware of the fact that the resale value when assessed by a real professional later on will frustrate their account and emotional state to say the least. 

The person told to get into drugs for recreation isn’t educated that their developed dependency on the substance will not only swallow their resources, but create massive problems for their intellect, health, and relationships later on in life.

Countless men and women have been in counterfeit romantic relationships where they assumed or were deceived into believing the significant other was dedicated, faithful, and honest. Only to find out sadly, weeks, months, or perhaps even years later that they had been tricked; the one they’d been with was far from dedicated, repeatedly unfaithful, and dishonesty was as clothing to their nature. There had never been a close-enough scrutiny into the character or lifestyle of such people prior to significant emotional investment to reveal who they truly were; to reveal that they were counterfeit.

Many a man has fallen captive of a silver-tongued seductress who negatively affected his life by giving him aids or something else after a sexual indiscretion. 

 Many a woman has fallen captive to the deceptive charms of heartbreaking men who impregnated them after a one-night-stand with no desire to sustain the resulting child or responsibilities. 

… People consistently, and often intentionally, hurting one another’s destinies. 

Countless millions have fallen into the hands and intellectual cages of supposed ministers of the gospel who led them into false doctrines and cultic beliefs that ultimately ended their lives, and hopes for true redemption. 

For some, it was the financial investment that went down the drain while enriching the pockets of the serpentine slicker who cajoled them into sowing their life savings without hopes of reaping a single thing in return. 

It may be as simple as having so-called friends who flatter and exalt to one’s face, but behind closed doors, malign and gossip. Those who call only when they need services, or investment into their goals, but earnestly have no interest in the unsuspecting other’s betterment. 

It could be the student who rather than studying through difficult courses, successfully cheats their way into higher grades and greater acclaim; all the while deceiving others into thinking they are more brilliant or have invested more time into educating themselves than they really have. 

The possibilities of counterfeiting appear almost endless and examples can go on for a while… Whether you’re the deceiver or the deceived, an unfair exchange has occurred to the benefit of one and the detriment of another. 

The questions to ask yourself if you are the counterfeiter are:

– is the unfair gain or advantage i get really worth my integrity? 

– will my deception  last me a lifetime?

– is it worth me gaining the whole world and losing my soul?

– or simpler yet, is this counterfeiting, whatever it is, worth me losing my identity and hope of ever being legitimate without doubt?

If you’re the one being fooled, ask yourself:

– what makes me gullible to these wiles? 

– what of my own lusts or desires draws me into the situation of being fooled?

– am i being as diligent, discerning or wise in my decision-making and observation as i should be?

– am i a faithful steward?

– am i impatient and as such, am settling for the counterfeit rather than the original?

In a world where the truth has become relative, where there are few absolutes, where almost anything goes, and the fast-food mentality says you should be able to get anything immediately with the least amount of effort… Counterfeit-ism is real. How is it affecting your life and what can be done to change things for the better? Are you the predator or the victim? In either case, what are the ramifications?

I guess this will be a rhetorical blog entry today… You decide. 

God bless you.