One of my biggest pet peeves is when people, especially a Christian supposedly like myself sees a homeless person and perhaps labels them a “bum”, “drug addict”, or some other descriptive label i personally consider derogatory. Seriously…it upsets me… Because we see someone down on luck or perhaps having even truly made bad decisions in life does NOT give you the justification to assume you know, understand, or can judge what has put them in the unfortunate and needy situation they are in.

I am grateful for my upbringing, for my ridiculously amazing and generous sisters, parents, and now husband. These people have consistently shown me how to give to others even when they had very close to nothing!

What makes God happy? Huh guys? Do we forget that so many things we consider important aren’t as notable in the larger scheme of things? We’ll be amazed to find that it’s possible God’s heart truly does revolve around helping the poor & needy, widows, orphans, helpless, mistreated…etc, a whole lot more than building large structures, earning much, having large savings, being socially desirable, or even looking good and expensive. Especially as Christians. Beware you aren’t walking past your missions in life…on your busy way to accomplish what you think matters, don’t belittle the Jesus in disguise to whom you are actually supposed to minister. Not necessarily with words; not even with preaching, but with your substance. Yes, money, food, help!! Help people. Give. Regardless of what you think they’ll do with it.

You know something people of God, i strongly believe some of the richest people in the world who aren’t even believers in God will have their prayers more readily answered by God for greater prosperity and affluence simply because God knows how many lives benefit from their charitable giving regardless of their probably ungodly lifestyles! Think about that. They’ll live long, they’ll keep getting richer and the average Christian may never even smell such favor because their wealth would revolve around themselves and millions others wouldn’t wake up praying for them to succeed because their own lives and well-being depended on that other person’s continuous success in life. I mean really…it is one thing to pray for yourself; and quite another thing to have so many others praying for you because your own life is a benefit to theirs.

There are certain basics we’re forgetting: Giving. Give more to the homeless than a pledge in church you consider a seed to get God to give you money in return.

Standing up for others; not watching people maltreated right before your eyes.

Helping people…yeah taking the time to help that old person.

How about compassion…not ostracizing folks who are illiterate, delayed, disabled, perhaps malformed in some way or the other… But rather reaching out and being kind in spite of what or whom you consider different or uncomfortable to be around.

Kindness…just literally considering others…thinking of them rather than yourself; putting yourself in their shoes and sacrificing to assist others somehow…. Basics. This is what the gospel is about! Responsibilities not for the government in my opinion but for you & I. For us. For the church. For God’s people. Imagine how people would gravitate towards Christ, those same churches we’re campaigning for members to join, and towards our work if only they believed as a people, we were always a beacon of hope from whom they can expect grace and compassion, humble beneficence and perhaps even respect of some sort irrespective of their condition in life…. Rather than condescending or judgmental, assumptive belittling. Imagine if everyone on welfare came on God-fare… If those who faithfully look up to political leaders and governments for their daily bread could actually look up to God instead by way of His children who should emulate and illustrate his merciful character…

Ok i’ll stop here… I’ve already said so much.

God bless you