The Bible says not to despise days of little beginnings.

For some reason, God is a God who will use the foolish things to confound the wise. He is also the kind of person who says to be faithful in little, in order to receive much greater to oversee.

God knows to entrust little into our hands while we choose whether or not we’ll undergo the sometimes difficult but developing process of becoming able to handle more of what He considers important.

Pretty much all we do as children of God is, or should be, about honoring God; about bringing people to Him their loving savior, and establishing our Father’s kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. Thise things are incredibly important to God! Many of us however, have eschewed diligence and discipline in our spiritual and emotional growth processes; believing rather unintelligently that God will overlook our own nonchalance, indiscretions, or indisciplines and commit those incredibly supernatural things & the destinies of generations into our unprepared hands.

Not despising little beginnings comes in innumerable forms the way i see it.

It could be a young person despising the yet unrevealed financial success of a suitor and potential mate; as such deserting a viable relationship in place of a shallow attraction to the temporary wealth of one who will ultimately leave them for another who is just as fickle.

It could show up in the form of a gift and talent that is considered unimportant or unpopular which if cultivated and utilized in God’s calling or anointing could not only change the life of the recipient of the gift but all those who experience its work.

It could be a mustard seed despised in its infancy because eyes have not yet seen the grandeur of its future, rooted stance as a tree.

Perhaps it is just you despising a Word from God about what to do to grow and improve yourself for a work He is calling you to in order that He can touch millions of souls for His glory; but He hasn’t yet revealed all it entails or will generate to you because He’s waiting for your obedience.

Speaking of obedience, i see despising little beginnings as possibly coming in the form of dis-obedience. Murderers don’t always become murderers in a day…one thing leads to another that takes them there. Perpetual liars once only told little truth-modifications… Fornicators and adulterers once had their start with a situation that unraveled their sexual experience. There is always a cause. And that cause may be the little beginning that is despised in its efficacy to affect the rest of that individual’s destiny when not addressed.

Perhaps if Saul had not despised God’s command to be fully obedient, he would have remained king. Perhaps if Abraham had despised God’s command to sacrifice Isaac, he would not have gained all of God’s promises. The examples can go on…

Perhaps you have been despised… Or have been the one despising… Whichever it is, know this:

God, the almighty, Lion and lamb, beginning and end, is still the greatest orchestrator. Davids still conquer Goliaths, Esthers still save entire nations of a people, there are still Moses’ who survive execution in baskets and save Israels through red seas from malevolent Pharoahs… 3 Hebrew boys who refuse to join the status quo of their era still confound Nebuchadnezzers and are defended by the son of God in fiery furnaces, 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish still feed 5 thousand, one vat of oil still fills all the empty containers ontainable with the anointing, Gideon’s 300 men still conquer a host of enemies in battle with God behind them, and one slain lamb still saves the world.

Do not despise the days of little beginnings. Positively speaking, the greatest musicians once had difficulty holding a note properly with their instruments. The greatest speakers have had moments of grammatical blunders. Many wealthy people on earth have had moments of lack, and the greatest minds have had periods of confusion. You have hope. You’ll be surprised what God can do with your little if you choose not to despise it, but rather plant it in faith.

Love you and God bless you ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomi Favored.

(By the way, i just thought the picture was cute ๐Ÿ™‚