I remember the first time i saw the picture i’ve associated with this post… It made me smile so much πŸ™‚ even if at that moment i wasn’t feeling great, it simply made it all better. Cos it was cute… It made sense, and it was funny too πŸ™‚ Even as i write this post, i’m smiling. Not sure why but i’m glad for this feeling. πŸ™‚

Over and over, the bible teaches and directs believers to encourage one another in love, build each other up, pray together, help each other, etc. It appears God is concerned with us not being lonely or feeling deserted. Even after God created man and placed him in the best garden and paradise spot, he said you know what…i gotta make you a friend; a wife, a buddy, a lover, a partner, a co-laborer, someone else to be with you even apart from me who AM totally sufficient for you.

Somehow, God thought it necessary to provide us with companionship for support. The Bible says two are better than one. Even the church is described as the body of Christ with Him as the head. All parts working together for the benefit of all.

Friendship, love, companionship, partnership, communion are not only necessary or beneficial, but incredibly enjoyable when we find the right people. Better yet, when God connects us with His own people for us.

Everytime i look at that picture, it reminds me of a few people in my life. My husband for one is an absolute encourager! If ever there has been a moment when i was temporarily downcast about an issue, he’ll find anyway possible to tickle, talk to, or practically kiss my face off like in the picture πŸ™‚ Before i know it, i’ve let go of whatever was negative and am having a great time laughing it all away.

It reminds me of my big sister; boy she’ll go at it too with the tickling, and just bring sunshine into the room; even if she wasn’t having a great day, she’ll make mine better.

I have a few friends like that too… They’ve become like family to me cos they just fit into my world and are determined to make it better. And i can’t even figure out what significant thing i’ve done to deserve it from them! They just love. They love uninhibitedly and without even expecting much in return. We don’t talk everyday but when we do, it’s for a while, it’s substantial, and they dive into my heart with the love of God and bring a genuine smile to my face by the time we’re done sharing thoughts and conversation. Even in text messages! Go figure πŸ™‚ Or they’ll leave a voicemail that cracks me up. Imagine that, technology allows them to do something for me that hours or days later can still encourage me.

Do you know anyone like that?

I sure hope you do cos life is a bit easier, days are less gloomy, and light appears brighter with those kinds of people around you.

What’s beautiful is that God doesn’t just want to put people like that around us, He wants us to BE those people. To others around us. To be that husband, sister, friend, aunt, uncle, grandparent, brother, associate, whatever relationship God allows you to engage in with people that will uplift and encourage them.

Be a positive influence. Be that teller everyone wants to go to because you always have a smile and whatever they’ve been going through, they know they’ll get a genuine word, smile or something!

So i’ll take a look at that picture once more…

Yep, i’m still smiling πŸ™‚

Sow positives into the lives around you and you’ll be amazed how you’ll reap more joy. Not just for you or them, but you’ll make God happy.

And we all know it is the joy of the Lord that is our strength πŸ™‚

God bless you and love ya!

Tomi Favored