Pleasing God…

To please God is to do His will. Basically, to do what He asks you to do. 
To do His will is to love God. To show that you cherish him and obey Him.
To obey God is to trust God. It means you esteem him and do not doubt his wisdom or ability to 
keep His Word.
To trust God is to eschew all of your own ideas in place of His own. Because you know His
plans for you transcend what you could ever come up with. 
To do these things is to have a beautiful relationship with God. 
Doubt, fear, lust, pride, sin, anger, malice, hatred, sexual immorality, meanness, jealousy, and 
all manner of sin arise from a place of simple distrust of God for they are all disobedience.
When an individual chooses to involve themselves in all of these things, yes fear and doubt too, 
it is indicative of the fact that they have not truly come to a place if trusting and depending on
God fully. They have not yet truly repented of sin and committed their lives into His hands.
Something that is a prerequiaite to walking truly and beautifully before and with God.

God is Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

God, though a Spirit is also a person. He put himself in the position of becoming flesh and dwelling
among us as Jesus the Christ, the Word of God seated on the throne. The verbal and literal expression
of the very nature and power of God the everlasting. To us. 

In Jeremiah 32:38-41 this same God talks about His heart and soul. God is a person. 
He made us in His own image and we have many characteristics inherent in us which originated from him.
We have the capacity for joy, for sadness, for pain, for jealousy, for anger, for humility…
these natural abilities each of us has as an individual, God himself possesses; but He wants us to become
more like him in learning how to properly manage those emotions in obedience to His sovereign and wise
direction. Yes God has feelings. In the book of Exodus, we read in his relationship with Moses how he got
angry at Israel for their disobedience and wanted to raise Moses and his inheritance instead. But Moses 
pleaded with Him and God chose not to destry them anymore. God can and wants to be appeased. There is a way
to reach Him. We read where Moses wanted to see Him and he showed moses his back. 
We see in John 11:35 where Jesus weeps after the death of Lazarus. We see where 
Jesus asks Mary’s son to take care of his mother while he was on the cross. He was concerned for her
well-being so he instructed what would ensure her safety. We read in Isaiah 43 where God
says one is precious and honored in his sight and he loves that one enough to give men in exchange for
their life. God says in the old testament, I am a jealous God. He also says I am a just God. 
In Jeremiah he says “my thoughts towards you are good and not evil…to bless and not harm you…to give 
a hope and a future…” God thinks…about us. He feels…when we hurt him. He plans…how to elevate those
he cares about. He desires…to be understood and worshipped. He considers…our trials. He loves… us.
He hates…wickedness and evil. He is humble…he asks us to reason together. There is so much that shows 
how the sovereign God with whom we deal is not just some high-up-there conceptual being with no emotions or 

That being established, how should that affect how we obey, relate with, and please this Lord God of ours?
We must come to the understanding that just like we as people feel betrayed when someone does something 
evil to us, so also, God feels betrayed when we do all he has asked us not to. Just as we get angry when
we encounter injustice, so also God. We got our positive emotions from God. The same way we want to have 
good relationships with people around us, so also God desires to have good relationships with us.
Just as no one wants to be cheated on, so also God doesn’t want to be cheated on by us with the enemy.
I can go on and on but I think you get the picture by now if you want to.

At the end of this blog entry today, what I want you to understand and make a decision to do is obey God.
He wants it. And when you reach His heart with your obedience, He is the kind of God who will give you His
secrets, bless you with favor beyond your expectations, and draw you into such a deep fellowship with 
Himself that you walk with him as one would his or her friend. Until next time, blessings!