I love living in California when it comes to the road network! I mean, hands down, the structured format of freeways here is amazing and i respect it. I originally come from Nigeria and one of the biggest problems the country faces is its somewhat problematic road network.

Ok anyway, i’m not here to discuss road networks, lol. I’m here to talk about the thousands of exits there are for one to explore if you just want to drive around aimlessly. But when you have a destination, all those exits become irrelevant. Only the exit that leads to your destination will and should be desired because it will probably be the most expedient and least problematic route anyway.

Most people forget that they have a purpose. You’re not just here to exist; you’re not just here to satisfy some folks; and you’re not just here to be forgotten. God is so original, He has placed things in you no one else has or can accomplish the way you will. He doesn’t have to copy himself. Others may do things LIKE you, but it will NEVER be exactly like you or be you at all.

The truth is that you have a calling. You have been gifted with talents and in-born skills which please God and that He desires to showcase for His glory. There is a flavor of a gift you carry that is exclusive to you.

That being said, that unique calling of yours cannot follow all the many roads the world has to offer. When you have a specific destination, you can’t be worried about ALL the many routes there are available. You only concern yourself with where you’re meant to go.

That realization however, comes with knowing your identity and purpose. If you allow God to reveal who you are, and what your purpose is, it wouldn’t matter if the whole world is running towards one thing in particular as the solution for success, you’ll pursue your own dream because that’s where YOUR blessing resides. A person’s gift will make a way for him or her; that’s scripture. Note that it doesn’t say an individual’s learned and acquired education, (basically transmitted training for outsourcing into a job market) will make a way for him or her. Don’t misunderstand me, it can most certainly pay your bills and grant you access into the paycheck to paycheck credit system of living πŸ™‚ But it won’t necessarily make “a way” for you to sit with kings; it won’t literally carve out your own niche which is what i believe the purpose of God blessing us with unique and exclusive talents is meant to accomplish.

Bill Gates’ ideas weren’t popular at first… He could have given up and gone into nursing (like my Naija people always advise) lol. But somewhere deep down, he knew his ideas were revolutionary and different. And however unpopular they were at the time, or unfunded, he’d invest his whole life into it to either succeed or die trying!

Many college drop-outs are not failures in my opinion… Just individuals who have tried learning someone else’s talent and been unsuccesful because they haven’t discovered or pursued their own.

Imagine if we all did that!

I like to think the grave is the wealthiest place in the world because very few people have ever actually realized their talents and purpose. Many have gone to the grave with suppressed and disregarded ideas which would have changed their lives and the world; had they not taken the many other exits the world had to offer.

This thing is ridiculous! I’ve had to battle this “mindset” especially with my Nigerian folks. Honestly, our parents’ generation only felt we were successes if we became doctors or lawyers. Nurses were the lesser successes but were acceptable too, lol.

I’ve seen parallels in Philipino culture and perhaps americanized Persian culture as well. Basically the limited understanding of this mindset were that the medical field or law are the most lucrative careers and therefore the ony viable options for their children to invest time or energy into. Any other endeavors were considered lazy, hobby ventures, and failures.

But imagine if parents actually chose to observe their children and discover their gifts, then furnish them support in it; rather than mold them into whatever society dictates as success in this ever-vacillating system… Imagine all the other Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbergs, Einsteins, President Obamas no one saw coming, Elvis-es, MLKs, Billy Grahams, or even Beyonces, etc that never pursued their own “specific” freeway exits but followed all the other suggested exits which led them to perhaps comfortable lives; but lives which are less than spectacular or revolutionary.

My point is: when you have a purpose, a destination in life, you cannot concern yourself with EVERYTHING else. You must believe in it, pursue it relentlessly, and forge ahead with the understanding and faith that “yes” it is different, but it is unique and potentially revolutionary.

Many roads…many paths…many exits… Only one way for you πŸ™‚

I was talking about pursuing your dreams but on another note, let me say this before i conclude this entry:

There are many ways that claim to give peace, many religions, many ideas about heaven, hell, the afterlife, etc. But the Bible says JESUS is THE WAY, the truth and the life. Let it be known today that i personally believe Jesus is the one way and “exit” to heaven. It may be unpopular and unacceptable to someone reading this right now. But i believe it to be true so i share it since this is my blog πŸ™‚

God bless you and i love ya!

Tomi Favored