So…totally random, i know… but i just have to say that I love this man… His passion, his fear of God, his love for me, his care for our son, his commitment to Godliness, his humility, his wisdom, his sensitivity, his faithfulness, his strength, his standards, his worship, his intrinsic joy, his sincere concern for others, his ease, his dedication to the Spirit of God, his obedience to the Word, his contentment, his unending hope, the way he provides, loves, cares, the way he expresses himself, his endless patience, his unbelievable hard work… Honestly, i can go on and on about this man of God and treasure God chose to bless my life with… I KNOW these things because i see them everyday and have since the beginning. And i only see more of it and Him growing to be more of the great person God has made him. Often, i wonder what i did to deserve the blessing and the only answer i get is that marriage can be the beginning of heaven if God is in it; and also that a Godly spouse can be the beginning physical representation of Christ Himself. I write this not because it is some special occasion, or that today specifically, something out of the ordinary occurred. I’m not writing this just to boast or be excessive. As a matter of fact, i’m not writing this for comments or likes. I write this because every day with a good man after God’s heart is extraordinary and something to be exceedingly grateful for. Because i am compelled to praise God for His good work. Because i shouldn’t have to wait for a birthday, anniversary or event to say thank you to a good man or encourage someone else to do the same. I am grateful for the Father, brother, friend, mentor, protector, husband, prophet and king in this man known to many simply as Seyi Alesh is. He is a blessing and someone i truly believe many men should learn lessons from. Growing up in church, i was taught that someday, i’d be grateful for the valleys in my life. I never really saw how that would be possible… But now, this man, the one i am privileged to call my husband, is proof that joy comes in the morning. This gift from God, a by no means perfect man, but as close as it gets when Christ is involved, has made the valley of all cheating, lying, hurtful, insincere, cowardly, selfish, things i have ever experienced in my life prior to him from others incredibly insignificant; because on the wings of the perfect Spirit of God that He serves wholeheartedly and faithfully, he has held my hand and caused me to rise along with him to plateaus far above all those low places, people, and things. I write this to glorify the God in this man known as Seyi Alesh for His exceeding love and mercy towards me. I exalt Jesus Christ because i see Him loving me whenever i see the man He placed in my life as His representative. I write this because someone came into my life who increased my value and taught me of my worth being more valuable than rubies. I write this, grateful to be a mother who can bring a child into the world because i know a great Father is their portion. I write this grateful to be a woman and proud of my gender because i have been found by one made different but incredibly perfect a match for me as a man. I write this to say thank you Lord Jesus and please, continue to bless your son Seyi Alesh. I write this to encourage other women that if you let God write your story, if you let him move you where He wants in His own time and following His standards, He has real SONS out there. They may seem hidden but they CAN be revealed if you don’t belittle God’s wisdom. I write this to encourage someone reading this right now, or someone who knows someone who should be reading this right now (lol) that God can bring a representative of Himself into your life who will make every previous valley you may have experienced something to be grateful for because you see the incalculable difference. 🙂 My blessing is Seyi Alesh. (He may even find this unnecessary because he is not one to exalt himself) lol but it is well and he is a blessing. God has many others out there of whom creation eagerly awaits their manifestation. #SeyiAlesh #hubby #manofGod #King #Priest #blessed