Pray for WEALTH  redistribution

There is wealth in the world. 

There is wealth in THIS world!

There is wealth in our world! 

Ok… Do you really think the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, loving, faithful, AMAZING God we serve would create a world with fewer than enough resources for everyone in it? 

Let me give you 2 examples: 

1.) A mother (in my case Nigerian mom) cooks a meal for her 3 children and husband. A good mom makes enough to satisfy everyone WITH leftovers… Probably enough leftovers to suffice for a whole ‘nother meal! She won’t make food that will only feed dad and one of the kids while she and the other two scrape up the pot for scraps in a normal situation.

2.) A father builds a swimming pool into their house for his 3 kids and wife. He makes it relatively large enough to contain everybody without them having to shove each other around and squeeze in the water to have room to play. The water is enough for everybody who gets into it to have fun! 

Now let’s talk about wealth in this world. Do we really believe it when the world says there isn’t enough for all of us? Do we really think we can overpopulate this place out of God’s ability to furnish it with enough resources? Do we really, truly, deeply believe that there is some kind of shortage of wealth and poverty or lack is normal? That my friend, is an insult to God Himself. 

Let me ask a few questions:

– did you know that 1% of the world’s population actually holds about 40-45% of the money, wealth, investments, etc.That means the rest of the 99% of people in the world have to fight for 55-60%? 

Did you know that the super rich are not just “a bit” better off than the average class (probably you), but they are actually close to 100 times wealthier than you could ever be; based on the system of things?

Did you know that CEOs of major companies make more in one hour than the average person (not the lowest in line, but the average employee) could make in a month working full time? 

Now think with me for a moment about these things…

While you are working hard to make a few thousands a year to fit the status quo, a wealthy billionaire somewhere is building a mega yacht for fun with about $250, 000, 000. (250 million) Yeah… Just for fun and luxury; or to compete with other billionaire friends for the biggest, baddest, guy on the block of the super wealthy. 

While the average Joe is having issues making their less than $2,000 mortgage payment a month, a multi-billionaire somewhere bought a mansion/palace for about $100, 000,000 (100 million) with ridiculous square feet. While you want to go to your room for some privacy, that billionaire ALSO decided he or she wanted some privacy, so they bought out anywhere from 5-10 large and lavish properties surrounding them just to prevent having any neighbors. 

Now before we go further, let me clarify 2 things: I am NOT calling for a socialist economy where everyone is plain equal & given all the same thing; as they say, resulting in the removal of incentive for people to work hard…all that stuff. Secondly, i am NOT advocating the idea that you hate the super wealthy or wish them evil because they’re better than you financially and socially, etc… 

I’ll quote the scriptures that say “Godliness with contentment is great gain” and “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” So you need to be content wherever you find yourself. 

Now having said that, let me highlight that the second scripture says the LOVE of money, not money itself. “Money” itself, “answers all things.” 

I haven’t suddenly become a prosperity preacher. Nevertheless, i believe it is God’s will for His children to prosper, be in good health, and be blessed abundantly. 

Imagine good money in the hands of people… God’s people, who will do great things with it… 

Imagine Christians who don’t have to worry about their next paycheck and can thus focus more on helping others and fulfilling the helps ministry in this world of meeting basic needs of people. 

Here’s something bogus i’d like to share. Before i share it, let me say, i’m almost a-political. I’m not a big fan of politics and i tend to stay away from it as much as i can. I know there are rules, systems and laws put into place to govern how things are done in politics, etc. And i’m an american, so i know, yes, it is so here in America; along with the rest of the world. 

But here’s my crazy idea with a little background: 

In 2009 the U.S. administration implemented a bailout plan which dished 787 billion dollars into the U.S. corporate economy in the name of stimulating things, growing the job market etc. The population of the U.S. is about 314 million people now.

My crazy idea is what would have happened if rather than dumping 787 billion of which massive chunks went to corporate CEOs’ pockets and didn’t achieve what it was supposed to for the little guy at the bottom of the totem pole… (I’m not blaming anyone…) What would have happened if the approximately 314 million folks in America each got a deposit of 1 thousand instead regardless of anything? That would be something wouldn’t it?!

Ooh Lord knows i would have been dancing! Lol. And you know what… 787 billion – 314 billion = 473 billion dollars left.

In other words, 

473,000,000,000. There would be that much left unspent if each person in America got a million dollars.  I know that idea is preposterous and will NEVER happen in the system we live in. But just imagine, the government would have spent WAY less, and achieved WAY more because who wouldn’t use a million dollars to better their life?!!

My point is, regardless of what was, or ever will be done in those matters, there was THAT much money in the system. It didn’t include money in people’s pockets, money stowed away by millionaires and billionaires in and outside of America! It didn’t include raw materials of gold, diamonds, etc. Do you see where i’m going with this?… THERE IS WEALTH!

You may not have the wealth…those around you may not HAVE the wealth… But the wealth is THERE. It exists but is just somehow beyond YOUR reach. 

Celebrities still make more than doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc. Millionaires are made. Everyday. And guess what…these folks with their millions don’t even compare to billionaires! Recently, someone like Donald Trump sued a reporter for 5billion because he claimed Donald was a “Millionaire” rather than a “Billionaire” in an article. 

Just because YOU don’t have the wealth doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We need to begin praying for the incredible wealth and riches there are in this world to change hands and be redistributed in your favor so you can achieve your purpose and destiny in this world with as much ease as possible. 

God is not unjust to have created a world with less than enough wealth to suffice for every individual that would ever enter into this place! You need to believe and know that. The reason those resources have been distributed unfairly is a result of the free-will God kindly chose to give us humans. He gave us free will and in evil, some of us have chosen to allocate that wealth unfairly in favor of some and to the detriment of other groups based on greed, prejudices, ignorance, wickedness, or selfishness. Believe it or not, there is and has always been, an elite group of individuals who basically hoard the wealth, keep it within their select group of accepted beneficiaries almost cultic-ally, and then give a small amount to everyone else to struggle over while they observe from a distance. They assist you in falsely believing there isn’t enough to go around, that there really IS a shortage, and you can’t have a chunky piece of the pie before you die.

I can go on & on & on but i believe by now, you get the picture. 

I can conclude by summarizing it this way:

– There is wealth in the world (God is a good God who made enough)

– Over time, mean folks and negative circumstances have distributed that wealth unfairly and skewed the balances in favor of some and hurting others.

– The fact that you’re suffering or do not have enough is not because there isn’t enough…it’s because you don’t have access to the plethora there is.

– The world, its systems, and the elite in charge will not give you that wealth easily… They don’t necessarily want you to have it and join the small group they’re in and crowd it all up 🙂

– you have to fight for it… You can’t fight physically apart from working…you’re overpowered anyway. You can’t steal; your jealousy not only does no good but is wrong, and begging will never help. 

So you must pray. That is your only viable option left when all else fails. 

You need to ask God to cause those who have amassed the wealth for themselves to have it released from their hands and redistributed in your favor. Your effectual and fervent prayer, one made righteous in Christ, will avail much. And we all know you NEED it to avail much for you cos you have dreams, visions, hopes, and as children of God, a purpose which involves helping and blessing other people’s destinies. And in the world we live in, you need money to do that. You need financial stability and ability. 

So pray my brother & sister, for the redistribution of wealth. There is A LOT available…you just don’t have your hands on it… Yet 🙂

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, and i’m not socialistic. I just believe there is enough to go around for everyone 🙂

God bless you & love ya!