Hey guys…

it’s really not cool but i can say that i know of one-too-many musicians and worshipers who are incredibly gifted, talented & even possibly anointed…who are in short, fornicators, adulterers, or just plain sexually indisciplined. When did it become ok to have sex casually with people, have no self-control and just “fall into sin”, or even be a cheater? Cheating on a spouse for those who are married; unmarried ones with multiple partners on the side apart from their betrothed since they haven’t officially “tied the knot” so they’re still “experimenting”; or those who if they ever get married will never be able to socialize properly. They cannot relate well with outsiders or connect with their partners because they have just been around-the-block too much with multiple people. They can neither look those people well in the eye anymore now that they’re supposedly in a committed relationship, nor can they connect sexually with their now spouse because every sexual encounter is subconsciously being related with all the other encounters! They are in other words having sex with multiple people and not the one they’re with. 

Maybe it’s the one with the pornography issue. It has become an addiction. Can’t relax until you’ve viewed it, can’t be naturally “turned on” anymore until you “self-excite” by mentally having intercourse along with the fabricated situation you view…. Yeah… 

God sees you. YOU see you. 

And someday, someone else will see you and you will no longer be able to hide. And when that happens, it will take the grace of God, whether the allegations are all true or false, to shake it off your record and rebuild the trust others once had in your gift or anointing. 

Funny thing about people like this too is that they can do this repeatedly but God forbid they are on the other side of it being cheated on or something. Oh no! They can’t handle that! 

On Sunday, you go to church, wield your musical instrument or microphone and everyone is “blessed” by your ministry. You sing, you dance, you act out worship, and you proceed with your life to the outside world as though all is normal. But you KNOW you’re not right. Guess what, God also KNOWS you’re not right. And pretty soon, your secrets will be exposed somehow because the bible says “all that is hidden will come to light”. Someday, someone who knows won’t keep their mouth shut about what they know of you. Someone will write a blog like i’m doing but unlike me who chooses to speak vaguely and discreetly, will post your name in capital letters because they have something with which to blackmail you. 

Perhaps like the great composer Joplin, you’ll sleep with the wrong person and end up with a debilitating sexually transmitted disease unexpectedly and cut your life and legacy short. After-all, all you see is the appearance and not what goes on inside the body of that person you chose to shack up with for a night. 

Someday, the anointing that covers you when you exhibit your talent will run dry because you’ve fornicated it away and the whole world will see you’re just a clanging cymbal with no love for God enough to obey his command to be holy as He is holy. 

This is a warning but a nice one from me; i can only look at you from afar and try to exhort you to stop your fooling around. But i am no judge. I have also been washed in the blood of Jesus for my own fallibilities and God says i am not to judge. But let me remind you there IS one who can and will judge. His name is Jesus Christ, the perfect and righteous one before whom you must give account someday. Perhaps it would seem embarrassing trying to tell people what you do when others aren’t watching, when you could repent now; but imagine having to chronicle it all for someone who has all your records and before whom your ways will be exposed on the last day. 

By the way, committing those atrocities and infidelities on Saturday and then asking for forgiveness on Sunday is not doing you good in the long run because your repetitive nature of going back to your vomit is creating a habitual pattern in your life that will ultimately become a bondage you can no longer break on your own. It will become a stronghold in your life that will destroy your purpose and effectiveness as a minister or performer.

Somewhere along the line, you forgot scripture. You forgot or chose to ignore God and rather acquiesced to man’s twisted view of how to live your life. Somewhere along the line, your conscience has been “seared as with a hot iron” and is no longer sensitive to the holy spirit and to committing sins against your own body. Somewhere along the line, you got good at getting away with it and developed an invincibility complex assuming you’ll always be fine. You assume that God’s enduring patience with you will cause Him to constantly look the other way. Just remember that God’s mercies, patience and love do endure for long; but as much as there are 99 days for the thief, there only needs to be one day for the owner. 

What happened to “fleeing youthful lusts”? Where did you put “thou shall not commit adultery” and fornication? Did you forget all about “keeping the marriage bed pure”? When did the life of a Christian, worshiper, musician, anointed minister…become like an unfortunate episode of “Cheaters”? 

Who told you you can do all that and still stand on the pulpit and shout Hallelujah, go on stage and sing like you’re the best lover of God out there, or that you can be in church while texting your next booty call? 

Who told you the sin is only in getting caught and that your actions have no consequences even if you’re forgiven? Who told you you could just let go when you think you’re ready without soul-ties having been formed and even curses from now-deserted lovers echoing into your future and affecting your children? 

Who told you pregnancy could not occur? As though birth control pills can always control the hand of fate when the time has come? 

I actually can’t tell you to stop and expect that you will simply because i said so. I can say STOP IT! But will you listen?

I will paraphrase from the book of Revelations where the speaker in effect says that whoever is doing wrong should keep doing wrong, and whoever is doing rightly should continue doing rightly because God is coming to reward each one according to what they’ve done. When that day of recompense comes, don’t say you weren’t warned. Even this blog entry is now evidence against you. 

You KNOW the difference between right and wrong! In the bible it says “stop doing wrong! Learn to do right!” The sacrifices of God are a broken and contrite heart/spirit… Not your contrived, insincere, and fabricated performance you’d like to label worship when your lifestyle behind the scenes is far from being in order. 

The pastor may not know what you’re doing yet, which is why they haven’t sat your butt down.

he church doesn’t know your dirty laundry yet, and that’s why they still hug you and smile in awe of your talent. 

Your family doesn’t know of the skeletons in your closet and that’s why your spouses haven’t filed for divorce, your children been alleged illegitimate, or all your actions called into question while your ideas and contributions are debunked. It hasn’t happened “YET”. But don’t think it can’t or won’t. 

And finally, ultimately, those “little things” in your life will determine where you end up and spend your eternity. Ever thought of the possibility that you’re leaving your mistress’ place after a sexual rendezvous one day and you get hit by a car? Where do YOU think you’ll end up? 

Ever considered that the person may have a hidden camera and someday that video will not only end up on youtube but in the hands of those you thought would never see it? Ever considered that in the future, your character and integrity may actually be currency for your next level in life? 

Ever consider you losing a huge job or opportunity because the person who could hand that blessing into your hand is someone formerly adversely affected by your inability to zip up? 

Again, i say I can’t judge you but brother, sister… You watch out ok, cos when your time is up, it’ll amaze you how quickly things can come tumbling down and you’ll discover whether or not it was all worth it. Is that orgasm, temporary high, excitement, or thrill worth your life, destiny, relationships, or future? 

Someday we’ll all find out…

Tomi Favored