Pray for people…Help people…See people

In spite of social media, in spite of the technology age, in spite of tele-marketers and impersonal service centers, there are still HUMAN BEINGS, made in the image of God; fragile, mortal, vulnerable… behind all those things.

Never underestimate the power of prayer, of concern, of affection, of kindness, of sincerity, of connection in any circumstance or situation! Reach out to someone cos it’ll amaze you how many people around you will break the walls they’ve put up simply because of a kind word spoken at the right time or a sincere prayer raised on their behalf which is strong enough to pierce through the darkness.

I don’t care what the world, contemporary culture, society, or the “developed” media has to say about who and what we are and how our social interactions should be carried out. What i know is that the people out there, around us, all of us…are still human. People have prayer requests. Everyone still has something for which they need supernatural intervention.
People are hurting, asking questions, seeking relief from various things. And you may never know it unless you were in their shoes. But your boldness to interrupt their “normal” and genuinely interact beyond the “regular” will reveal how the Spirit of God in you can touch the minds behind the faces.

You’ll find:
Women pleading to get pregnant who can’t
Men looking for a good wife
Women looking for a faithful husband
People seeking jobs
People in deep debt they can’t see past it
Children in hospitals needing healing
Some needing deliverance from addiction
Seniors who have no family & are lonely
Individuals battling disability or disease
Estranged family members
Folks with emotional/psychological disorders
Others dealing with losses of loved ones
… You name it, the list goes on.

EVERYONE you meet is dealing with something. If you can always see that…if you can see beyond the superficial…and pay more attention to the not-so-obviously vulnerable human underlying the facade and mask of the busy external, you’ll connect to the world. You’ll MINISTER. Because the world is PEOPLE. And every problem leads back to people. So do solutions. They also lead back to people. People led by God. So pray for people, help people, connect to people. In your daily interactions, deal with the woman behind the desk and not the desk; relate with the man on the other end of a service call, not the company he represents; touch the people behind the merchandise… the people behind the paperwork… the humanity behind the technology.