The power of the STANDARD!!!

Moral standards, protocol standards, behavioral standards, communication standards, time-management standards, excellence standards, music standards, integrity standards. We NEED standards. In the world and in the CHURCH. God gave us the commandments in order to establish standards.

Without standards, ANYTHING goes, and when anything goes, everything good: justice, righteousness, truth, …even life becomes subjective and relative to various vacillating opinions which come and go. Opinions which may or may not belong to intelligent or pure-motived organizations of people!

There need to be unwavering, founding standards and the church is called to be CHRIST-ians… NOT religious figureheads and space-takers but representatives of Christ’s same yesterday, today, tomorrow “principles”. Principles and standards, which fashion, trends, politics, cultures, contemporaries and preferences CANNOT, SHOULD NOT, and MUST NOT affect. The “standard” is the anchor which keeps the ship of life as we know it from drifting away and being lost permanently.

No, anything does NOT go.

Truth is truth. The kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, in the words of Dr. Myles Munroe, is not a democracy, not a republic, but KINGDOM. Your principles and standards do not waver based on popular opinion but on the truth of the King’s Word as it was, is, and always will be.