Tomi Alesh, also known as Tomi Favored is based in Los Angeles, California ūüôā A 26 year old Nigerian-American Singer, Songwriter, producer & Musician, She is an “Eclectic Christian” genre artist with a love for God and people.¬†

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(1) “A Voice”

Tomi Favored, a dynamic Nigerian-Amercian artist based in California is announcing her debut into the music scene with her first single titled “A Voice”.

This great song is one of two singles boldly to be released by the captivating artist on her birthday March 20th, 2014. The song will be part of the¬†upcoming debut album “Saved and Sent” which Tomi Favored will be hitting her many well-expectant fans with in the fall of 2014; It is a project this¬†

multi-faceted young female artist not only wrote, but arranged, performed and produced in her own studio. A feat not many female Christian artists can boast. 

Nevertheless, this humble but vital-in-this-era artist gives all the glory to God for giving her a platform she will undoubtedly use to convey a powerful¬†and positive message. “A voice” is a beautiful, inspiring, and depth-filled song that prays the heart of a true worshipper asking to be used of God to touch not only the world but her generation using her sincere heart, willing hands, and unavoidable voice.¬†

“A Voice” will be up for free downloads on March 20,¬†

so prepare to be blessed by this woman after God’s heart who is set to greatly influence both the Christian and non-Christian music industry into the knowledge

of God their maker!

A voice (2013)

(c) Tomi Favored Music

4 min 15 sec

Song written, performed, and produced by Tomi Favored

Mixing and Mastering by Jason Floyd

“I believe We all have a voice God can use to touch the world” – Tomi Favored

(2) “Ina Njo”:

“Ina Njo” is the incredible and ambitious second single to be released by new artist Tomi Favored on her birthday March 20th. The California-based American¬†

citizen has not forgotten her roots as a Yoruba-born Naija girl when she steps out with this second single specifically designed for her native base. 

Also writing, performing and producing this second gem, as she did with her other single “A Voice”, she this time features incredible gan gan player¬†

Afis Alabi who has worked with artists like Sammie Okposo. She also features one of the best saxophone ministers Nigeria has produced at home and in the 

United States, Seyi Alesh, who formerly played with both Sammie and Kunle Ajayi before moving to greater things. He is also Tomi Favored’s husband.¬†

Tomi Favored writes that Ina Njo, which means “there is a fire burning” is about not underestimating the work of God in the lives of people because amazing¬†

things happen under the surface while we as yet haven’t seen them. The powerful song which melds her yoruba love for the gan gan rhythm and her affinity to¬†

hip hop, was actually inspired by someone who personally critized Tomi Favored as an artist. Her best way to express her feelings was to go into the studio 

and produce a proper hit as an answer to the doubt of God’s grace on her life! …the way a correct Naija girl should! Needless to say, this title will also¬†

be part of her upcoming debut album in the Fall of 2014. When you get a taste of both “Ina Njo” and “A Voice”, you’ll begin to anticiapte the sort of¬†

eclectic sounds yet to be released by this very talented singer, songwriter, musician and producer’s upcoming work. Stay tuned!¬†

Ina’njo (2013)¬†

(c) Tomi Favored Music

4 min 11 seconds

Song written, performed and produced by Tomi Favored

Mixing and Mastering by Jason Floyd

Featuring Gan Gan by Afis Alabi

Featuring Saxophone by Seyi Alesh

“Don’t underestimate what God is doing in anyone’s life simply¬†

because your eyes haven’t yet been opened to witness the processes which¬†will uncover the incredible greatness God wants revealed.” – Tomi Favored