Honestly, in life as a Christian, you just have to trust God. One doesn’t always know what He is doing or what life is bringing your way. There are challenges, stresses, fears, issues, problems…but there are also victories, rewards, joys and pleasures that can be achieved. More often than not, God trains us with our challenges and prepares us for greater levels through the trials we face. The rewards come after we pass the tests. Valleys make us appreciate Mountains, and every weight carried builds a muscle in us we didn’t think could be stronger. Truly, we don’t know the reasons for all God allows us to go through; we don’t always understand or comprehend His greater purpose in trying circumstances. But we have no other choice but to trust Him. When we don’t see what He’s doing, we have to trust what He says; when we can’t hear Him speaking, we have to trust what He’s promised. When we can’t see a manifestation yet of what He has promised, we have to remind ourselves of His character. Knowing the person of God more teaches us to know what He is capable of doig and what His nature has the tendency to accomplish for us. Because God is a person, He chooses to deal in certain patterns. Not that we can ever grasp the depths of God but in our desire and pursuit of Him, we daily connect with His heart and learn His preferences. The more we know and walk uprightly before Him, the more we can trust His thoughts toward us which are good. We shouldn’t have options. We can’t give up even when things get strenuous and overwhelming. And they do so often. Perhaps more often that we’d like to accept. Nevertheless, God is still God and He is evermore capable of making those things work together for our God. Walking with God is difficult because you’re not in control. We lose control. We don’t know what’s next. We can’t see ahead. We can’t predict things…. But that is all alright. It also means a huge level of responsibility and fear doesn’t have to burden us. We can cast ourselves completely into God’s hands and hold Him responsible for our upkeep. And the one who calls us is Superior and highly capable. We need not be concerned because when we are weak. He is strong. He will direct our paths once we commit our way to Him. All we have to do is let go and let Him rescue us like the drowning and helpless people we are in a sea of water. He is the lifeguard and guard of life who saves and delivers us. Fighting doesn’t help. Fighting it, fighting Him, or fighting ourselves yields nothing but further distress, sadness, frustration or depression because truly the sea is bigger than we are. We couldn’t overcome it alone if we tried. So what we must do is surrender to the one who guarantees us deliverance and safety in the end regardless of our ineptitudes. He is capable of not only saving us but making us stronger, better and wiser in His unique way of training us through the very situations we once encountered. Trust God…just trust God.