Gradual growth…
is growth nonetheless. In our fast food, fast-track, fast-paced society, we often desire to see things accomplished quickly. Even spiritual things. But with a God, our God, for whom a thousand years is as one day, things may not always happen as quickly as we sometimes desire as far as the fulfillment of purpose. Think of it this way for example, a child doesn’t become an adult in a day! they grow into their maturity. Basically, because God IS God, He can and will take his time to perfect that which concerns you. Because He sees the end from the beginning, and knows all things, He calmly allows the power of process in our lives; that patience may have its perfect work done in you and your character will have been properly developed prior to His unveiling of all the facets of His ingenuity as GOD!

Trust God! KNOW that He KNOWS all that needs to be done, takes your age, your strength, your desires, your struggles, your ability ALL into consideration and HE is never late for HIS purpose to those who love Him and are the called according to that purpose because He will indeed make everything that occurs work together for your good.

You see, the task we need to accomplish as we wait on the Lord in faith for what seems to us like a long time before fulfillment is developing such a love, trust, faith, hope, and desire for God that expresses to Him our focus will always be on Him; even when He brings much responsibility, success, or accomplishment into our lives. My friend, God is concerned about the state of your heart even in process. Destiny is not always a destination as the english language presupposes… With God, the principles work supernaturally rather than naturally to where destiny is part of the process and God wants nothing to separate you from His love in process. Not just negative things but positove things as well. God is a faithful God. He does not tarry in doing good to those whom He loves. He is a builder, a developer, a dedicated sculptor of life, an unwavering friend, and the good shepherd. Remember the imagery of a shepherd?…it is often one of a calm-looking person standing by sheep as they graze in pastures… God is the God who calmly directs your path as you munch on the experiences which will strengthen and fortify your once weak faith and character; growing you into a polished individual who can be useful for whatever grand purpose He has planned.
By the way, remember that it is HIS plan. HIS desire for you…not even yours for yourself because if you admit it, you’re not sure what, how, or when in your destiny until God grants the revelation and the passion that’ll drive you to it like a rod and staff. And they are indeed a comfort… Giving hope which does not disappoint that what God has said into your heart, He will accomplish because He will be its accomplice ๐Ÿ™‚ Whenever you doubt whether or not God is working on you, or your vision, remember that neither you nor your vision are your own. You belong to Him and He who has begun the good work in you will be faithful to complete it Himself since He is absolutely incapable of dissappinting Himself!! ๐Ÿ™‚ what a joy!