A few thoughts on pride:

Beware of pride. In other words, be wary of it. Pride towards people, and towards God. Pride is anywhere from speaking malevolently towards people or groups based on our political preferences as though we in all our excellent fallibilities could singlehandedly solve the world’s problems, to doubting God on something His Word says He will do because we elevate ourselves and our own ineptitudes to His level; inadvertently equating inadequate us and the omnipotent God.

Pride can be related to anger, unforgiveness, hate, injustice, thievery, jealousy, impatience… All of them thrive on the premise that we know better, deserve better, or would do better under similar circumstances than other parties involved or God Himself. However excellent we perceive yourself, we mustn’t let it be far from our collective subconscious that the very breath we breathe has been given us freely, and if not for the grace of God, we can very well be as good as gone. We neither initiated our lives, nor will we control how what is left of us on this earth is handled. Let humility clothe us in all that we do; covering us both outwardly as well as lining the inner portions of us. We should aspire to it, seek after it, trade nothing for it, and entreat others to accommodate it as a most revered guest in the home of their lives by our own examples.

Faith, without which we cannot please God, stems from humility because it acknowledges that we should concede to something and someone we are grossly incapable of explaining or controlling….