Growing in faith, one learns that the Lord is a God of principles. In the area of giving, we learn to sow seeds knowing and expecting by faith that God causes a recompense to come to us. God honors seed with fruit. So we learn to love sowing, and encourage others to do the same. The sometimes under-emphasized fact in this knowledge however is that GOD is the God of principles who rewards sowing with a harvest and return….NOT PEOPLE.
Many a christian, often the deeply dedicated-to-giving servant of God, has been hurt expecting PEOPLE to give back to them after they have sown into their lives: time, money, information, anything… It is an expectation of a sort of feedback in life…unfortunately it is from the wrong source. And that expectation is often met with disappointment… a form of disappointment which in turn, negatively inspires the formerly giving Christian to become inhibited and tight-fisted in aspects of their life because they come to the false conclusion that giving, or opening their hearts unconditionally will get them hurt.
The hurt comes when we amplify the wrong things…PEOPLE over GOD even in our expectations. And it does hurt. It’s like audio feedback..we want feedback, appreciation, recompense from people…but it hurts the ears.

So be encouraged today dear individual, organization, ministry, whoever you are. Don’t give expecting people to give back to you specifically as an individual, organization, ministry or whoever. Only GOD can do that; and because i know God makes the best, He’ll bless your giving and make sweet music with your life without the excessive feedback. Some feedback is good…just not too much so be grateful for those in your life who give back to you directly…but don’t ask for much. Rather, allow the sound of giving you make in people’s lives resound and amplify outwardly to something other than yourself as the microphone 🙂 Hugs!